Monday, July 8, 2013

Template for Primary Source Reading/Analysis


A-What type of source is this?

B-To whom was this source written?  

-Knowing A/B, I wonder…

-Knowing A/B, I predict…


Immediate context

A-In what year was this source written?

-Knowing A, I wonder…

-Knowing A, I predict…

Larger context

A-What was going on in Europe in 1610?  (example)

-Knowing A, I wonder…

-Knowing A, I predict…

Close Reading/Comprehension

In paragraph 1, how would you describe…(example)

In paragraph 1,what point does Galileo make about…(example)

In paragraph 2, what discoveries is Galileo discussing? (example)

In the last paragraph, what discoveries is Galileo discussing?(example)

Close Reading/Inference

What does this source reveal about Galileo? (example)

What does this source reveal about those around Galileo? (example)

In the last paragraph, Galileo says the following: “with the aid of a spyglass which I devised, after first being illuminated by divine grace”?

What does this comment tell us about Galileo? (example)

Having read this source, what are some connection or extension questions you can think of?
-general structure of this heavily influenced by SHEG_Stanford's work.

Thanks for taking a look! Curious to get some feedback. Is this too structured? Not structured enough? I recently worked through a primary source using this template. I can post that if there is interest.

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  1. I like this. I don't know if every question would apply to every source, but it's a great template.