Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Read, Write, Act, Read, Write, Act...

     For the past few weeks I have been reading anything I can find on the topic of history education. In the process, rather than highlighting or underlining, I have been tweeting inspiring quotes, messages, and research findings. Reading, as a solitary pursuit, is a thing of the past, if you want it to be.  

     Many of the ideas that have resonated with me have been noticed by others, commented on, favorited, and retweeted. A couple of hundred (thousand?) tweets later, and I find myself interacting regularly with dozens of teachers who are committed to thinking about teaching and learning, discussing what they do, sharing resources, and, most importantly, collaborating. Out of this has come #inquirychat...More on #inquirychat later! 

     Along with reading, I've also been participating in many discussions about the nature of history and the opportunities, challenges, and realities of teaching this subject in a school setting. 

     When I read as much as I have been, I need to spend considerable time processing and thinking about the ideas that I am interacting with, being exposed to. Otherwise, it is my experience that these ideas fade and the status quo remains. Bringing about meaningful change is challenging! 

     This blog and my various interactions on Twitter document the change that I am looking to see. Change, to occur, must be articulated and, ultimately, integrated into our daily lives. This is a dynamic process that, more often than not, requires tremendous will power and vision.    


  1. Have you read Jeff Nokes' "Building Students' Historical Literacies"? It fits in well.

    Thanks for this blog!

  2. I have not. Will check it out. Thanks for the comments!