Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I remember...

Let's start with an 'I remember' task.

Pick a moment from your recent past. Think about that moment.

What do you remember? Write it down. Notice how the author wrote how she remembered picking up a handful of sand. She proceeded to describe the sand as 'smooth' and 'like hourglass sand'.

Words are your tools. They are going to give you the ability to describe your memories.

For many of you, it will take a bit of effort to say more than 'I picked up some sand'. Not because you can't go further, but because you are not used to being asked to be more descriptive, especially in a social studies class.

Historians not only work with the memories of others, but they also must make choices about how they are going to make connections and how they are going to describe these connections.

What does it tell us that the author is thinking about picking up sand and throwing it in the face of a boy she does not know?

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