Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adding another source

Today (yesterdayday before) I will add a  third source to the mix.

Let’s have a look at all three.



Document 5
Unlike the first two sources we looked at, this source is not written from the point of view of a father.  Rather, this source, the Domostroi, is a manual, from the same period of time, discussing discipline. This source, obviously, does involve issues of parenting. More specifically, this source deals with the topic of discipline, advertising the benefits of whipping your son. Fathers are encouraged to whip their sons “often” because whipping will instill discipline in them and cause the child to be a better person. The act of whipping is tied to the concept of education.

When looking at all three sources, what are some ways these sources can be compared and contrasted?

Geography- The sources are from different parts of Europe: Germany, Italy, Russia.

The sources are from early to mid 1500s. Two of the sources are written in the first person voice of fathers.

All three sources involve interactions between fathers and sons. What interactions are discussed?
Document 3
A father...
-living under the same roof as his son.
-writing about his son, reflecting on his progress.
-providing for his son, materially and intellectually.

-details are provided in this source about the child’s house, diet, and education.
-the father has a good job, a member of the elite. He is able to provide ample resources for his children. Indeed, we see evidence of privilege in this source.

Document 4
Like source 3, this source is written in the first person. It is from an autobiography, though, rather than a diary. Obviously, the audiences are different, which impact how the messages embedded in the sources are viewed. 

Also, unlike source 3, father and child do not live under the same roof, illustrating that the circumstances of birth impact where a child lives and who he interacts with on a daily basis.

In both sources 3 and 4, we do see fathers providing for their children. In source 4, there is a distance between father and son. But the father does show the child some affection and he does seem concerned about the boy’s upbringing.   
I'll work on source 5 tomorrow, or tonight if time.    

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