Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alternative to Powerpoint

We followed up by photocopying a single graphic organizer from each of our blocks. Our block 3 looked at an organizer from block 4 and vice versa.

I projected the graphic organizer on the smart board and also gave each student a copy of the same web.

We zoomed in and looked at some of the connections on the web.

Students were instructed to look for connections that stood out to them, as either making sense, or not.

When students identified a connection that they questioned or thought that they could explain, they raised their hand.

I wanted to emphasize the link between concepts. We had students articulate the word that could be placed on the line, linking the concepts.

Next time students complete a web we may have them write the linking words on the line connecting the concepts.

However, I also think there is something to be said for initially NOT having students placing the linking words on their webs, particularly if they are going to share with a partner.

If the linking words are initially omitted, the partner can then try to make sense of the connections, talking to the creator about them. These discussions are valuable. And, I think, are different, less meaningful, if the linking words are already written on the graphic organizer when it is shared for the first time.

Before turning the graphic organizers in to me, I would have students write the linking words on their webs. This makes assessing them easier. 

As an alternative to powerpoint notes, I highly recommend this approach. I also want to emphasize that there are a lot of permutations to this approach that I will explore in future posts.       

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